Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Career Stories?
A. Career success stories of real people in easy-to-read, 4-6 page profiles.
Q. What is the reading level?
A. Grade level 7 thru 14, in a lively short-story newspaper-style format with colorful photos.
Q. How does a Career Story let the reader career-shadow?
A. Each Career Story  follows one person through their everyday workday. The Career Story mirrors the real-life, school-to-work path of each subject, detailing each individual’s career success story from High School to present. It also helps career information come alive and presents career facts more effectively (and less boringly) than just job facts and statistics.
Q. What’s contained in a Career Story?
A. Each Career Story shows

  • Educational planning and background
  • Job progression
  • Current job
  • Likes and dislikes about the career
  • Lifestyle
  • Future plans

The Data File section gives a universal overview of the career and shows where to go to get more information about a career.

Q. Do you have non-traditional careers?
A. Yes. We try to do a combination of Career Stories, covering traditional and non-traditional careers as well as a wide variety of everything in between.
Q. Can I use these materials in my careers classes?
A. Yes. All the biographies can be used in a number of areas, including your careers class, the library, guidance office or classroom. The Career Stories go beyond facts and statistics. Because they are entertaining, down-to-earth and fun to read, Career Stories help hold students’ interest.
Q. Do you cross reference with the OOH?
A. Yes. A universal overview of each career is profiled in the DATA FILE Section of the Career Bio-brief.  This information is similar to career information found in the OOH.
Q. Do you cross reference with the major cluster areas?
A. Yes. We use the cluster areas developed by the U.S. Office of Education. Each Career Story is labeled with DOT, O*NET, and Holland Code.
Q. Can I access Career Stories from my mobile devices?
A. Career Stories are accessible on all mobile devices such as Android or IOS.