Who can use VocBiosOnline

Vocational Biographies has over 1,300 Career Bio-briefs  covering a wide spectrum of careers:  from the traditional to the newly emerging.

Because Vocational Biographies chronicles real-life school-to-career paths, you can find a myriad of ways to use VocBiosOnline  in your career programs.  For example, as a:

Librarian, you know the power of the biography to inspire.  Now you can provide career information that goes far beyond mere facts and figures in these Career Bio-briefs.

Guidance Counselor, you can bring your clients’ career dreams and aspirations into focus through the role models in these Career Bio-briefs.

Careers Class Teacher, you can suggest that your students can explore many aspects of a career and have fun doing it through comprehensive and entertaining Career Bio-briefs.

Classroom Teacher, you can explain your subject’s theoretical principles by discussing the practical applications illustrated in down-to-earth Career Bio-briefs.

Employment Counselor,  you can stimulate adults to recognize job possibilities and develop an if-they-can-do-it-I-can-do-it attitude from reading Career Bio-brief  success stories.

Curriculum Director,  you’ll find an easy way to provide virtually any curriculum area with useful Career Bio-briefs.

School-to-Work Coordinator,  you can provide a unique resource, tracing career pathways in these diverse Career Bio-briefs.

Career-Shadowing Coordinator,  without ever leaving your site, you can follow a day-on-the-job of workers in hundreds of careers, many of them not found locally, but all of them in the Career Bio-briefs.

Career-Mentoring Coordinator, you can draw on the wisdom of individuals who, in sharing their good and bad experiences, become co-mentors through the Career Bio-briefs.