Who Can Use VocBio?

Subscriptions are available for organizations such as public libraries, job centers, high schools, and colleges. Students, clients, and residents of your service area can access the VocBio library from any computer using your login and password or automatically from any ip address for your campus. If you are an individual interested in accessing VocBio’s Career Story library, you may request that your school, local library, or job center purchase a subscription to give you free access from any computer. Or you may fill out a service request form and we will contact the organization of your choice for you!

VocBio has over 1,000 Career Stories covering a wide spectrum of careers: from the traditional to the newly emerging.

Because VocBio chronicles real-life school-to-career paths, you can find a myriad of ways to use Career Stories in your programs. For example, as a:

Librarian, you know the power of the biography to inspire. Now you can provide career information that goes far beyond mere facts and figures.

Guidance Counselor, you can bring your clients’ career dreams and aspirations into focus through role models.

Careers Class Teacher, you can suggest that your students explore many aspects of a career, and have fun doing it through comprehensive and entertaining Career Stories.

Classroom Teacher, you can explain your subject’s theoretical principles by discussing the practical applications illustrated in down-to-earth profiles.

Employment Counselor, you can stimulate adults to recognize job possibilities and develop an if-they-can-do-it-I-can-do-it attitude from reading about another’s successful path.

Curriculum Director, you’ll find an easy way to provide virtually any curriculum area with short nonfiction Career Stories, supporting college and career-readiness.

School-to-Work Coordinator, you can provide a unique resource, tracing career pathways in these diverse stories.

Career-Shadowing Coordinator, without ever leaving your site, you can follow a day-on-the-job of workers in hundreds of careers, many of them not found locally, but all of them in the VocBio library.

Career-Mentoring Coordinator, you can draw on the wisdom of individuals who, in sharing their good and bad experiences, become co-mentors.