Features and Benefits

Easy to Read.  Career Bio-briefs are written in newspaper feature style.  Subheadlines and boldfaced paragraphs break up blocks of text.  Photos and boxed special information add interest. “For the Record” provides resumé information.  The “Data File” section organizes statistical information into bite-sized boxes.

Entertaining and Effective.  Real people make career information come alive and present career facts more effectively.

Unique but still Universal.  Each Career Bio-brief  is unique, but the “Data File” section gives a universal overview of the career.

Always Current.  Writers around the country constantly interview persons in hot careers, new careers, and traditional careers, so the information always remains current.

Expands Career Horizons.  Persons profiled have come from every region of the country, so readers explore careers not always available locally.

Mobile Accessibility.  Now you can  use your mobile devices to access Career Bio-briefs anytime, anywhere on the go.