About Us

VocBio (formerly Vocational Biographies) is a second generation company started in 1973 by Toby Behnen in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. After more than 40 years and 5,000 Career Stories written, VocBio is still in the family but currently operated out of New York, by a former k-12 teacher. Those profiled in the Career Stories, however, live and work all over the United States –and sometimes all over the world!

Memo from the Editor

To:        Colleague
From:    Jone Meyer, Editor-in-Chief and Former Teacher
Re:        Why VocBio is unique

“What does a sanitation inspector do?”

1. Sanitation inspectors inspect community land and investigate complaints concerning neglect of property and illegal dumping of refuse to ensure compliance with municipal code.

2. Arriving at the address, Karen immediately saw why several citizens had complained. A rusting car roof protruded above waist-high weeds. Accidentally, she bumped into a tattered leather chair thick with mold. Rats scampered out and over her feet. Rainwater-turned-to-slime had collected in bent cans, old car parts, and even a once-white tennis shoe. “I cited the owner for over two dozen sanitation violations, but,” she admits, “the experience was gross.”

Paragraph 1 comes from a respected career reference book.

Paragraph 2 comes from a VocBio Career Story. They provide the same information. Which will you remember?

Each Career Story in VocBio creates lasting impressions. For example, tell students they need writing skills for most occupations. They might not believe you until they read the story of the auto mechanic who wishes he had learned to write more clearly because he is constantly writing estimates, diagnoses, and repair instructions.

Or tell adults to look outside the box for a new career. They are clueless — until they read about the crime scene cleaner who has more work than he can handle or the woman who drives children where they need to go when their parents are working or the bat remover who’s in great demand for ridding homes of bats without killing them.

Whomever you guide, VocBio will make your job easier. In our files we have hundreds of letters, all saying the same thing: “Where were you when I was in school?”  We’re here. Give us a try.